Beardwood Pty Ltd is a construction company specialising in commercial and new home construction based in Tasmania, striving to be an industry leader. Beardwood holds excellent relationships with suppliers and clients alike and is focused on founding and upholding a flawless reputation.

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Residential homes

Let us bring your dream home to reality! From budget-conscious homes to architectural masterpieces, Beardwood delivers superior service and exceptional workmanship to every project. With our highly experienced and skilled team, you can be assured of uncompromised quality and attention to detail.


Commercial Construction

At Beardwood we pride ourselves on bringing high end residential quality into the commercial construction industry. Our commercial clients see astonishing results as we integrate the quality and workmanship on a large scale.


“I love the satisfaction of building a landmark, something that stands the test of time. Every project has its own unique challenges and milestones, whilst delivering a quality project to a happy client is the most rewarding thing of all.”

Luke Beardwood, director


BUILD TYPE: Exeter Community Hub Redevelopment
LOCATION: 10 Murray Street, Exeter


  • Raised ceiling with full height windows & large ceiling fan
  • Modern square set plaster & Tas Oak skirting
  • New aluminium bar featuring Tas Oak counter top
  • Timber flooring
  • Low maintenance cladding to create a real ‘timber’ look
  • Merbau deck with stainless steel handrails