Beardwood Pty Ltd is a construction company specialising in commercial and new home construction based in Tasmania, striving to be an industry leader.

Beardwood holds excellent relationships with suppliers and clients alike and is focused on founding and upholding a flawless reputation.

Beardwood also offers a Design & Construct service using premium consultants, guiding the client through the entire process, stress free. This brings financial security to the client with a complete design and build package, with no surprises.

Beardwood prides itself on maintaining the highest degree of quality and safety on all projects. The highly skilled carpenters and premium sub-contractors employed bring vast experience to the team, ensuring that every project undertaken is of an exceptional standard. Safety is paramount on all Beardwood sites and only the best site safety policies are upheld. A 3rd party safety contractor is employed by Beardwood to maintain this standard, ensuring compliance and a safe workplace.

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“I love the satisfaction of building a landmark, something that stands the test of time. Every project has its own unique challenges and milestones, whilst delivering a quality project to a happy client is the most rewarding thing of all.”

Luke Beardwood, director

Luke is passionate and driven, striving to better himself and the company with every decision he makes. At a young age Luke always challenged himself by completing higher trade certificates and now holds a medium rise construction license. With experience in many facets of construction, Luke brings versality and knowledge to the business. The values and principles that Luke conveys to his employees have been paramount in forming strong relationships between clients and sub-contractors.

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